Khulisa Construction


Because of the diversity of technical skills that the contractors aggregated under our banner have, to our corporate clients, we offer the following services:

  1. Demolition (Speciality)
  2. General Building, entailing structural construction, from foundation to roofing and finishings
  3. Electrical contracting, ranging from civil works, laying of cables and commissioning of power stations
  4. Backfilling and rehabilitation of mine dumps
  5. Landscaping
  6. Waterproofing
  7. Civil works, including bridges, roads, water reticulation and sewage system
  8. Cleaning of construction sites
  9. Astroturf installation
  10. Certified Master Commercial and Home Inspection Services - pre-sale inspections, snagging and de-snagging inspections, entry and exit inspections, maintenance inspections, progress inspections, specialized / specific inspections 

Business Development

We execute extensive business development initiatives to corporates with the aim of opening doors for our contractors, which by themselves, might prove too difficult to pen. These initiatives target both existing and new networks.

Project Management

In order to give peace of mind to our corporate clients, we also ensure completion of projects and to requisite standards, through hands-on project management.

Client Development

To ensure long term relationships with both our clients and contractors, we actively manage these relationships through luncheons, corporate functions as well as effective damage control, where necessary.

Project Financing

It is common knowledge that a lot of contractors fail to complete projects due to failure to raise funding. In line with our value proposition, where necessary, we finance the projects that we appoint our contractors to do, thus ensuring smooth and timeous completion of these projects.